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Cure Eczema NaturallyI have suffered, a lot, from seborrhea but managed to completely cure it. It was not an easy task to perform. The first thing I did, as we all do, was the ordinary treatment but when ever I stopped it returned. The worse part was that after a few months it had no affect and I had to change the formula again. It did not cure me at all instead, it was hiding the symptoms. Eventually, I have managed to completely cure my seborrhea. The following is some information and tips regarding curing your eczema.

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin and can be roughly divided into three main types:

Mainly affects people with oily skin.

No Contact (Asthma for example)
A reaction, that happens without direct contact to the skin.

Cause by direct contact to skin by some matter. The majority of the population will not be affected by it at all.

Simple advices to follow which can cure your eczema (They completely cured me):

1. Do not wear rough fabric cloths.
2. Find shampoos and soaps which suit your skin. Try the trial and error method. And consult naturalists.
3. Avoid allergenic materials.
4. Use hypoallergenic moister creams.
5. Try the elimination selection diet – with this diet you take whole food families from your daily consummation. For instance you take out all the milk related foods for a couple of weeks and see what happens, if it did not help try another family if it did help return the process inside the family of food to find the particular food which caused the problem.
6. Consume pro-biotic foods to reinforce your digestion system.
7. Change your lifestyle to a less stressed one. It is recommended to take courses in that field.
8. Toxic cleaning. Our leaver is responsible for removing toxic elements away from our body when it fails we could suffer from eczema related to accumulation of toxic materials in the skin. Two spoons of olive-oil with half a glass squeezed lemon juice every morning should help it work properly.
9. Calendula cream is a very big relief for inflamed parts of the skin.
10. Olive-oil can be used for seborrhea: you gently rub it on your scalp and remove it with lukewarm water.

I did some of the above advices and it really helped me in eliminating my seborrhea condition, today I can wear black shirts, only people with dandruff will understand that, and avoid all the toxic creams I used on my face. This, accompany by a healthy raw food diet, simply cured me.

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